Friday, October 28, 2011

Top of the Rock

What would a trip to New Yizzy be without viewing the city from above.  Saturday was picture-perfect, so we hit up Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck.  It's a visit I'd definitely recommend the next time you're in NYC!

Muahahaha...maybe, just maybe I thought I'd get to see Brian Williams...or Matt Lauer...or Ann Curry.
No such luck--just a bunch of tourists like us!

Rockefeller Plaza, not nearly as impressive as I thought it'd be

Hubs going to check out all of the skaters while we waited in line for our tickets to Top of the Rock

We're clearly not in MN anymore...notice the child in blue who just fell over on his ass and the dude in shorts who appears to be wearing some sort of bike helmet :)

Yay, MN!!

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting...long lines

Mel was pretty sure we'd get a great view from the top of the building...on the 30th floor.  It just so happens that we got an even better view from the 67th, 69th and 70th floors where the real top of the building was.  Still waiting to get there :)
The actual elevator ride or "sky shuttle" to the top of the building was a bit freaky, complete with sound and light show as well as a glass ceiling...Willy Wonka, anyone?

Tourists!! They've been to NYC dozens of times, but at least us newcomers were able to show them something new!! Complete with the reflection of a Condon in the shadow of the Empire State Building!

The best view of Lady Liberty we got all weekend...we'll have to see her up close on our next trip!

The North side of the building...overlooking Central Park

You can hardly believe such a massive park lies in the center of the cool!

We took lots and lots of pictures on the 67th floor...little did we know that the 69th and 70 floors didn't have the same ~10 foot high glass walls that give all of the pictures a hazy look :-/

Still breathtaking though :) I truly wonder how long it would take to explore it all...

The girls...looks like one of us forgot to bring sunglasses

...and the group.  One day we'll get Big City to smile for the camera.

The "radiance wall" by Swavorski...I want one!

Going up...

We figured it would be more fun to have a looksie at the Empire State Building
from Top of the Rock, rather than the other way around.  One is a bit more iconic.
Not sure if I'd be able to pick Rockefeller Center out from all the rest!

Ahhh...the sun, fresh air, and NO glass walls!

Doesn't get much higher than this...look at that sky, what a great day!

I wonder what the little boy behind us was thinking...
Again, me squinting without my sunglasses, oops!

I was a little skeptical at first, but $25 a ticket was way more than well worth the views we saw from the top!

The DeBoers...reunited, and Mel's birthday weekend nonetheless :)  What a great pic!

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