Wednesday, October 19, 2011

(early) Cheers to the Freakin Weekend

Eeeeekkk!  There's another crazy weekend in our future and I'm getting ready to put my tourist hat on...and clear my memory cards so I can take lots and lots and lots of pictures!  Oh yeah, did I mention we're headed to New York for the weekend?? Another place on the east coast I've never been.  Needless to say, I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  Obviously our 2 day trek will leave us with more tourist envy, cause I'm sure we'd probably need about three weeks to see everything we'd want to see in and around the city (OK, probably more than that even but I had to choose a number).

We haven't nailed down an itinerary yet but do know that we're headed to see the new 9/11 Memorial first thing Saturday morning; so stoked that I was able to score tickets for us...after all, I guess it's only fitting--I am married to Stubby :-)  Other than that, Times Square, Top of the Rock, Chelsea Market, The High Line, Central Park, Grand Central Station, and Chinatown are on the short list.  Not to mention, what would a long weekend out of town be without a mouth-watering New York style bagel or two, a strong cup of coffee to start each morning, and some delicious and off-the-beaten-path restaurants for lunch and dinner.  Did I mention that I'm excited to go??

I haven't checked the weather yet...but I'm hoping for some sun and warmish fall weather.  Either way, we're bound to have a blast and make some great memories in the process.  I'm up for taking any and all advice you New York  connoisseurs have, so feel free to throw it at me!  Any insider information would be much appreciated.  I just hope New York is ready for this crew :-)

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