Sunday, October 30, 2011


...or maybe I should call it Snowmageddon...or Snowpocalypse.

My plan for yesterday afternoon was to sit on the couch and blog.  Nature seemed to have a different plan.  Let's backtrack...

Friday:  Forecast calls for snow on Saturday; people start preparing...a.k.a reminders that nursing staff are essential personnel which means show up to work in the snow (duh) and a trip to GIANT for a few groceries = the carts are all gone and folks are apparently stocking up on the essentials.

Saturday AM:  Weather is rainy; we sit on the couch for a bit before meeting the neighbors for coffee (<3) at Little Amps.  0930--the rain turns into gigantic snowflakes the size of quarters, or perhaps half dollars.  1100--drive to the gym; get annoyed by other drivers less than a mile from our home...they're driving cautiously slow and leaving ample room to brake, however, the ground is still warm enough that the snow is melting as it hits the pavement.  1215--finishing our workout at the gym when I notice that DishNetwork is searching for a signal (no thunderstorm in sight), not a good sign; lights flicker and generator kicks in...really!?!?  At this point there's seriously maybe 1-2" in the grass and some slush on the roads.  We brave the rest of the city gathering some snacks, getting some beer, and finalizing the accessories for our Halloween costumes.

Saturday PM:  1240--While finishing up at the grocery store, the neighbors inform us that there is no power.  Arrrggghhhh.  My message text message on group me, "Pretty sure if I lived in a damn igloo back in MN, I'd still have electricity".  1300--arrive home, no power.  Notice on the drive home that a good number of PA drivers apparently don't see the need to use headlights during snowstorms.  The only snowplows in sight are the ones plowing the parking lots of shopping malls.  After bitching a little more about the craziness of the situation, we commence sitting on the couch.  No power to blog or bake cut-outs for the party.

Saturday (later) PM:  1530--power back on.  Life resumes as normal.  Shower.  Make cut-outs.  Prepare for an Olde Uptown Halloween Spooktacular.  Party into the wee hours of 10/30/2011.

Apparently this is a PennDOT snowplow.  I'm a little skeptical cause I didn't see even ONE on the streets yesterday.

Not bad, a little bit of snow.  I think a little plowing would definitely make the roads look like less of a mess. I'll give Pennsylvania this, yesterday was the first time they'd had measurable snowfall in October since 1979.  And, yesterdays whopping 5" did break the October snowfall record of 2.1" set back in 1924.  However, I'm pretty sure they're well aware that snow is snow and they see the white stuff falling from the sky at least a few times each year.  So...why does life come to a complete stop when 5" of snow falls and (get this!) temperatures were going to be back in the 40-50's with sunny skies the next day.  It OBVIOUSLY isn't going to hang around.  In fact, much of the snow had already melted by the time it stopped falling from the sky yesterday.  All I can say is that we're in for a treat of a winter if this is the way things normally go...I <3 snow days, perhaps?  Kind of funny, but kind of a crazy experience!

To go a little nostalgic on ya, it got me thinking about the old Halloween Blizzard of 1991. I remember trying to fit my costume over my snowsuit and trudging around in the snow to get (what presumably was) frozen candy.  :-)  It is the 20 year anniversary, after all.  More on that to come later...


  1. From what I remember....Lyndsey and I were SUPPOSED to wear these amazing Jasmine outfits. Yes, the one from Aladdin, that is like a tube top with see-through and MC Hammer pants. Mom probably worked really hard making those AND they were AWESOME...including sequence belt. However, after MANY tears, we were forced to wear make-shift costume over snowsuits! I wore a tiara and Lyndsey wore Dracula teeth and a cape....MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT! But I'm not bitter...damn snowing Halloween.

  2. *see-through sleeves NOT see-through tube top in case you weren't sure

  3. I remember Halloween 1991. My candy bag broke somehow and all if my candy disappeared into about 3 feet of snow. My parents bought me candy the next day. I love your blogs, Lynds, thanks for sharing!