Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nuptials...PA Style

We took a little mini-roadtrip Saturday to celebrate the wedding of some great friends.  Had a beautiful Saturday afternoon drive through some pretty gorgeous parts of Central Pennsylvania; our first stop was Danville--site of the actual Ermak vows, then it was off to Wilkes Barre to let the celebration begin.
Celebrating the Ermaks!

We arrived to the reception early--early enough to find ourselves a bar close by and get a drink.
Beer Boys, a "Kings College bar" as the gentleman in the hotel lobby told us, sounded like a fun place...
it might have been fun six years ago, when it EXISTED!  The boys were disappointed, Yelp fail :(
Nice walk through an abandoned part of town, though...
and now we know there is a "Kings College" in Wilkes Barre, PA, how informational.

The DeBoers and Mike checking things out on the walk back to the hotel

Finally found a bar downtown that was OPEN and OPERATIONAL :)  Our waiter, none other than Seth Rogan himself.
Ok, not really, but he walked up to the table and introduced himself as such...the voice was identical, physical features bore a slight resemblance.  It definitely afforded itself a picture to commemorate.  

The happy couple, reunited after a long SEVEN weeks apart.
Celebrating with a couple of Dogfish Head on tap.  
Mike and I tried a YARDS straight from Philly; as Seth Rogan put it a beer that was "out of this world"
It was good, but I wouldn't go that far...
Rodano's--thank you for the drinks and Seth Rogan, LOL!

The man half of the Refugee camp, reunited.  The groom, all smiles :-)
A few moments later, "Big City, that announcement about the wedding party...that means you!"
Oh NO you didn't...McSurdy double-fisting the drinks during cocktail hour.
On the left folks, he somehow talked the bartender into a FULL glass of scotch, Jen's reaction is priceless.

Jake McSurdy...the McLife of the party and the majority of our laughs/impromptu entertainment for the evening!
Duh, it's called a wedding party!

This one isn't allowed to be seen any larger, but it made the cut because
it's one of the only photos of the six of us together.
Excuse the pixelated look and the creepy glowing, green eyes!
The Dr. and the Mrs., their first dance as husband and wife

Photobooth props...strikingly similar to the masks we saw the
 "Occupy Wallstreet" protesters wearing in downtown Wilkes Barre...

Those look like they fit perfectly, Mr. Condon

Take my strong hand...straight from Scary Movie 2, no??
...that's all I have to say

Group photo booth to commemorate the Ermaks...complete with the infamous "Baltimore Speedbag"


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