Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy ALOHA Friday!

 Wish I knew how to make a palm tree emoticon.  Unfortunately, I'm visual-spatially, and artistically illiterate that way.  So here, wish I was looking out my window at this...

Just give me the sun, a chair on the beach, and a nice, fresh, mango margarita (or a cold H2O) and I'm set!
 Clearly, we picked the wrong state for that.  A couple of years ago, Mike introduced me to the phrase "HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY".  I'm not sure where he first heard it, but it stuck.  So every Friday in our house is an Aloha Friday, our own little piece of HAWAII :-)  As I write this, I'm becoming more and more interested in just how Aloha Friday came about...gotta give credit where credit is due cause we definitely didn't create it.  All you need to know is that it's pretty much Hawaii's version of the Jimmy Buffet/Alan Jackson collaboration, "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere".

It's Aloha Friday, No work 'till Monday...

Even for this RN, the lyrics are true, no work for me before TUESDAY!!  It's a weekend full of events and occasions to celebrate in our house.  Check it out...

The DeBoer's will be re-united, PERMANENTLY :-)
For the past 7 weeks, Mel has been busy finishing nursing school back in MI while Jase and Danny have been living life in the HBG, patiently awaiting her arrival (and tidying up the house)!  Today's the day...Mel and her sister are making the 10+ hour drive to PA...and she'll be back in the 'Burg for good.  We're excited to have her back and send out huge congratulations on her graduation from nursing school!

Wedded Bliss x2
Saturday, October 15, 2011, must be a popular choice for weddings this year.  Two (errr...four) of our closest friends will be tying the knot this weekend, HOORAY for them!  Nikki and Bob will be dancing the night away back in MN, while Carolyn and Dave will be celebrating in Wilkes Barre, PA.  Mike and I truly wish there was a way we could somehow clone ourselves and be in both places at once, but we know the party will be rockin' back in MN...and we'll be here wishing Nikki and Bob the best from afar (taking a rain check on the celebration until we're back in MN--hopefully sometime in the near future).

Baby Cad(wallader)
Our closest friends Josh and Gina are *patiently* awaiting the arrival of their new baby boy.  He's due on Monday!!!  I can't believe that 9 months have passed already and that he's almost seems like just yesterday I learned Gina was pregnant.  We're so happy for them and can't wait to see and hear all about baby Cad's arrival!!!  It seems just about all of our friends have started replicating--lots of new babies in our circle of friends and not a chance for Mike or I to see any of them in person, yet.  Huge congratulations (and somewhat belated in a couple of cases) go out to Scott and Cindy, Mouse and Shannon, Lois and Barry, Adele and Cameron, and Justin and Cassie on their new(ish) arrivals!! Coming in the near future are also new babes for our friends Adam and Katie, Brian and Kelly, and Mitch and Tristan.  I hope I'm not forgetting anyone, but there are probably some other babies out there I don't yet know about :-)  I LOVE seeing new photos posted to Facebook...keep 'em coming and CONGRATULATIONS all around!

Whew, think that's about it.  We might hit up Home Depot and Bed Bath Beyond, but we're not sure if we have enough time...lot's of stuff going on and tons to celebrate!  As of now, I'm just finishing up a bit of blogging, working on some work stuff, and tidying up the house while I wait for the UPS man to iDeliver our new phones.  If Mike could, he'd be iStalking UPS all day...hopefully you all have something fun and exciting planned for the weekend, HAPPY ALOHA FRIDAY! Enjoy the day :-)


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