Friday, October 14, 2011

It's the Little Things (vol. 1)

It's the little's a quick sampling of some of the many things that make me tick and keep me smiling week in and week out.  Check it out:

I LOVE flipping through magazines.  Oddly enough, this year is the first year that I've really been a subscriber to more than a single magazine.  Right now I have a number of new magazines waiting to be looked at...looks like I just need a nice, cozy Saturday afternoon to get to business--complete with a cup of coffee, the couch, a blanket, two chihuahuas, and my hubs!
I <3 getting packages in the mail...just not so much a fan of getting bills and junk mail.
Look what arrived in our mailbox this week! We've been seeing the commercials on TV and decided that the logo was just too cool to pass up...not to mention it raises money and awareness for a good cause!
Nothing like a good cup of coffee to start off my Friday morning--I was all smiles :-)  Mike and I have a standing (sort of) joke that we don't talk to each other in the morning until after we've at least started drinking our coffee...makes for less stressful conversation and overall, less bickering!  Good rule to go by... 
Oh yeah, did I mention I picked up a little something for my sweet tooth...and I had the day off, SCORE!
One of the BEST purchases we've made, hands down.  I'm so addicted to my sparkly water!!
Our SodaStream carbonator has it's place on the countertop, right next to our coffee pot!
Making a bottle still scares the crap out of just about any guest that steps foot in our house.
Look at that face...more than anything, I'm glad I get to come home to him each night!
What an amazing husband and best friend!
 This was obviously taken on a Saturday morning after he'd had some coffee!
It's the Little Things newcomer = ME.  I have to be a little more cognizant during the week to end up with enough cute little photos to post to the forum on and learn :-) If you're interested in adding your own "little things" post this week or next, head on over to Lindsay's blog at From the Aisle to Aloha or click on the button below...see you all next week :-)

Aisle to Aloha

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