Monday, October 3, 2011

(Saturday + Day off) x (Little Amps + friends) = FUN

Don't think we could have packed much more into our Saturday than we did last weekend.  The weather was sort of crappy, but we managed to fill the time with all sorts of activities.  Most importantly, we started the morning off right with the opening of our very own-finally open-we've been waiting for-Harrisburg doesn't have enough-Olde Uptown-neighborhood-coffee shop...LITTLE AMPS!!

When Mike and I first visited the neighborhood, we heard a little buzz about an old corner store that WCI Partners had acquired and was *cross your fingers* working on the logistical details to find someone willing and ready to caffeinate the neighborhood.  We've been awaiting it's opening ever since (and I'm pretty sure the rest of the neighborhood has too)!  It's a good thing, too, cause Harrisburg is definitely lacking in the area of good coffee houses and in coffee houses in the city.  I mean, c'mon...I don't want to drive clear across the city to get my cup of coffee.  Yes, we do have a coffee pot and yes, we do have lots and lots of coffee (thanks to our recent visit from our favorite Starbucks barista and crew), but that is another conversation all together. Sometimes I just want somebody else to make my coffee and hand me the steaming cup to sip and enjoy...aaaahhhh!

Enter: Little Amps Coffee Roasters :-)
The place looks stunning inside & out...I'm partial to the brick and black combo!

Neighborhood groupies anxiously awaiting an open door and the smell
of fresh coffee on an October morning...we might have underestimated
our 25 second walk from door-to-door
How cute is he??
I'm lovin' the artwork
A few of the first paying customers
Needless to say, we spent a few hours sampling coffee, relaxing, and chatting...with a little impromptu photo shoot with the camera man from The Patriot News (we'll have to keep our eye out for the article and see who made the cut).  We joke, but this place might just end up being our 'Central Perk' straight off the set of F-R-I-E-N-D-S.  Seriously though, we spent a bit of time joking about who emulates which character the best.  Not only that, but I'm pretty sure that half the neighborhood staked their claim to set up coffee-shop offices straight from Little Amps...telework style :-)

If you're ever in town visiting, you can be sure we'll end up at Little Amps at least once or twice during your stay...after all, who can pass up a good cup of coffee?  No work tomorrow, guess where my day is starting out??

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