Monday, October 10, 2011


October. Binaakwe-Giizis. Leaves-falling Moon.

After the miserably rainy September we had here in PA, October is shaping up to be fall as it should be (well, at least the first 10 days or so).  I'm convinced that just about anything would feel like paradise after September.  Somehow I still wound up with a nasty head cold last week, uggh.  I was a walking (errr...lying on the couch) NyQuil commercial.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  I even went so far as to call in sick to work...the only thing I hate more than being sick itself.  I had to remind myself that my patients and their families probably wouldn't have been appreciative of my nastiness...or my's a bit different than sitting in a cube, folks.

I promise, this story actually has a point.  

By Friday afternoon, I was utterly bored, had made a permanent impression on the couch, and was on the verge of going stir crazy.  It had been awhile since I've gone on a run solely for the pure enjoyment and relaxation.  Lately, I've been overly focused, overly critical, and overly crabby; I've been fixated on the little things and consumed by details and schedules.  I haven't worked out for me, rather, I've worked out to get my 'swipe' at the gym, in hopes of getting that insurance reimbursement we all aim for ;)  It just so happens that Friday was a picture-perfect fall day...the kind of October day when Minnesotans forget about work and just plain old enjoy the day, outside, in the SUNSHINE.  After all, we all know that gorgeous fall days are numbered, and replaced by cold weather and winter precipitation sooner than we want to admit.  I'm pretty sure that winter here won't be as drastic or dramatic as the Minnesota winters I'm used to, but nonetheless, I needed to take advantage of the day.

I had a fabulous jog--minus the feeling that my head was going to pop off, LOL!  The sun was warm, the breeze was cool, and there were lots of Harrisburg-ians out enjoying the weather (although, considerably less than you'd see out running/walking/biking in Mpls--there's just no comparison).  It's hard to explain, but something about it put things into perspective; after a little me-time exercise time, I came home to a nice shower and dog walk combination.  Renewed sense of purpose and mindset.

It also got me thinking...about running...and how Mike and I should probably start training for a race or two.  Nothing fast, just something for the two of us to look forward to (and anybody else who'd like to join us)!!  A 1/2 marathon has been on Mike's list for a while now.  

MonsterDash 1/2 Marathon
October 2010
(It was COLD!!)
Dad dropped in to run the last 3.5 miles with me, yay!
Perfect motivation for the last leg of the run...we're all smiles :)
Miigwech, for listening to this crazy rant of mine!  Enjoy the start of a new week, wherever you may be  :)

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