Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Done Vida. Donate Life.

It's a little crazy for a girl to get excited about a license plate...I got a bit giddy when the mailman delivered them to our door this afternoon.  I can hardly believe I'm fessing up to that.  OK, let me explain--saw they had a special Donate Life license plate while standing in line at the PennDot DMV back in July.  I figured, hey if I have to get rid of my Minnesota license plate (*sadface*), I might as well rock something cool in it's place.  It's meaningful, gets the 'donate life' message across, and raises money for a good cause all at once.

One have to get the plates through the specific organization, not the DMV, so it was a completely separate process aside from the normal title/license/registration fiasco that is PennDOT (nothing is clear, concise, or expedited here...welcome back to 1956 or somewhere there about).  Found that out by telling the lady at the counter that I wanted a 'donate life' license plate when registering the Prius.  Her response, Oh, you want the Wildlife Conservation plate? Ummmmm, not exactly.  Long story short, Mike and I got home, filled out our applications, sent in our $, and waited, waited, waited, and waited.  Finally on Saturday (11 weeks later) the mailman arrived at our door, with some new bling for our vehicles, yay!

A sneak peek before they made their way out the door
One for each of us :-)
I miss the crew back at LifeSource and I miss the opportunity to work alongside donor families to facilitate such important, lifesaving gifts that every day change the way people live...they do an amazing job each and every day!  We can all make a difference...if you haven't already, visit (in the midwest, you can also visit for more information and instructions on donor registration where you live.

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