Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall at our house.

I haven't posted any pics of the pups in a while, so I thought it was about time for a little chihuahua photo-shoot.  What better than a gorgeous Saturday in October...the leaves here haven't changed much yet, so I thought we'd step out on the front porch and snap a few photos.  I wanted to show off my new fall flowers (that I have yet to kill); they're insanely bright in person!  Apparently I can also plant them in the ground after the season...ahem, we'll see how that goes.

Our front porch array of pumpkins, gourds, and mums...I LOVE the bright purple!
The magenta is a close second!
Pretty sure Kaia looks like she was photoshopped in or photographed on a green screen somewhere
Trying to get two chihuahuas to sit, look cute, and pose for a few fall photos is nearly impossible
Tank with the sympathy paw
Can you tell we bribed them with t-r-e-a-t-s?  What gave it away?
This is just funny...simply because he looks evil.  He's really just in the midst of eating a treat :)
...and Kaia's own devilish look
Had to add a few with the two-leggeds, too.  Hubs with his WILD jersey on...getting ready for opening night
(Turned out to be kind of a neat angle for a photo--I like the foreground in the pic)
At this point, Kaia's just done with the whole thing.  Tank's obviously fixated on someone walking by...

This is about the extent of any "holiday" decorating I do for the Halloween season.  The pumpkins will get carved at some point or another, provided they don't get stolen by nuisance kids.  We're already down one mini-pumpkin.  Don't worry though, Mike has it under control...he chased the little effers down the street after they ran up onto our porch in the middle of the afternoon and tried to make away with two of 'em (note: Mike-1, neighborhood kids-1), LOL!  How's that for a surveillance system?? He's vigilant and nimble :-)

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