Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's Play Hockey

Wild fans, it's time to drop the, say it with me...LET'S PLAY HOCKEY!

The countdown to the Wild season opener officially ends tonight--I can't wait! Being that we're no longer living in the good old State of Hockey, I feel like Mike and I have been missing out on some serious pre-season hockey news, hype, and excitement aboot the upcoming season.  Both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have teams, so I'm not sure why I haven't heard anything on the news or heard any chatter from hockey fans.  Maybe it's cause the Phils are still playing ball...all I have to say is there better be some hockey action going on in this city or I'm going to be very un-impressed.  Good thing there's NHL Gamecenter or I'd really be at a loss for words; I'm sure we'll be ordering our subscription sometime tomorrow.  What I wouldn't be willing to pay to watch the Wild all season long ;-)

What a place to watch the puck the 'X'
Oh how I miss having him on the bench.  Almost as much as I miss his post-game press conferences!
Hockey season also gives me more chances to hear "O Canada!", my most favorite anthem!
Thinking about making the trek to Toronto this winter when the Wild play the Maple Leafs :)
It also sounds as if the Wild will be having some sort of special memorial and/or tribute for fallen teammates Derek Boogaard and Pavol Demitra.  Keep an eye out for the commemorative stickers that the Wild players will be wearing on their helmets to remember these two.  Happy Hockey Season...I'll be watching with the Team of 18,000!!

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