Thursday, February 2, 2012


Happy Groundhog's Day or Happy Woodchuck Day as Jen would say!!!  I'm still trying to figure out how Phil saw his shadow this morning.  I mean, really...there's nothing but cloud cover outside...not even a hint of sun!  Clearly, my own prediction was wrong.  Good thing I'm not the official groundhog :-)  Although, I have to say that if I would have known Punxsutawney Phil's track record over the years, it may have swayed me a bit.  He's only not seen his shadow like a total of 16 times since they started keeping track back in 1886.  If I had to make an educated guess, I think Phil's just lazy and wants to go burrow back in his hole for a few more weeks--and us damn crazy people just keep waking him at the crack of dawn.  How rude! Anyhow, I guess winter hasn't been so bad anyway so we should be able to handle six more weeks.

BTW...we're totally going to make plans to head up to Gobbler's Knob for the big Gorundhog Day celebration next year.  Gates open at 3 AM.  Lots of food, drinks, and all sorts of dressed up groundhog day groupies to be sure.  Seriously. I figure I have to experience it at least once in my life...since we live so (relatively) close and since I'm technically a groundhog :-)  If you're crazy like us and want to tag along, let me know.

Fast I've been writing this post and searching the net for photos of Phil, I've read a little about the legend and folklore that is Punxsutawney Phil.  Apparently he is the one and only official groundhog and been predicting the weather for a whopping 126 years.  Immortal groundhog.  How does he do it, you say?? The Elixir of Life.  I should have known.  Needless to say, in addition to the few photos of Phil I found, I had to look through many, many more of the crazy-intense people who are way, way, way too into it! Woah.  We might not know what we're getting into.

Just a quick question...why is Phil being bribed with a mint milano?

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