Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rachel Cooks Thai--Crab Fried Rice

via Rachel Cooks Thai

By the time you read this, my stomach may still be full (of thai crab fried rice that is)...cue the yummm! As per request, I'm sharing the link to the recipe with you.  Your stomach will be grateful, I promise. It's not often that I make fried rice at home (or fried anything for that matter), but I came across this recipe over the weekend and was intrigued enough to make a Sunday evening Wegmans run just to get a container of lump crab meat.  Inspired.  Realistically though, heading to the grocery store in search of ingredients is about the most difficult part of making fried rice, no joke.  You could probably just get away with throwing a bunch of random ingredients in a pan and it would no doubt turn out a mouthwatering, delicious masterpiece.  If you don't believe me, try it yourself.

I ran across the blog Rachel Cooks Thai some time ago, but had yet to try any of her recipes...until now, of course.  Mike was pleased.  I'm pretty sure he could have downed the entire pan himself--with a little Sriracha squeezed over the top.  Thinking about it, I'm not sure many words were uttered at the dinner table. We were both too focused on the rice.  I'm convinced that anything with crab in it or on it is just meant to be.

There's more than just rice. The blog is full of recipes that look equally delicious...I'm sure I'll be trying out a few more in the near future.  If you happen to try any other recipes from the site, let me know what you think!!  For now, click the link and let your journey toward Crab Fried Rice begin!


  1. Did you get this website from my Pintrest!?!?!?! I just made the drunken noodles from this site last week...weird....

    1. I didn't, that's crazy! I don't remember when exactly I came across it, but it's been on my blogroll for a number of months. I've totally been eyeing up the drunken of our favorite dishes. How did they turn out? BTW, there's a great place in town that makes an absolutely fantastic plate of drunken noodles. Maybe we'll have to grab some takeout when you guys are in town!

  2. YUMMO - thanks for the link, Lyndsey - I'll definitely be making this soon!

  3. Looks nice. You might be interested in this post I did on Thai fish sauce.