Monday, February 27, 2012

We're Gonna Win Twins

If you're a true Twins fan, that should cue the rest of the song in your head right now.  In fact, you'll probably be humming along while you read through the rest of this post...and that's quite alright, cause it'll get you in the mood for baseball season.

We ate baseball food yesterday...and by baseball food I mean peanuts.  Peanuts that got me thinking about spring.  Spring.  Sun.  The smell of freshly cut green grass...and baseball.  Baseball.  Beer.  Stadium food.  Oh yeah!  Oh so soon the bats will be swinging...I can't wait!  There's just nothing better. Especially since there's plenty of Leinenkugel's to be had at Target Field, whoop whoop!

I assume most men are more than happy when their wives love baseball, right? Hope so...

Mike and I are still trying to finalize a set of dates for our first trip HOME to the heartland. Don't worry parents, we haven't forgotten.  Believe me, if we could we'd definitely be home lots!  Anyway, I'm thinking our trip home really has to coincide with at least one (or two) ballgames at Target Field.  No question. **huge smile**

All this talk about baseball has me dreaming about the gorgeous beauty that is Target Field, light of the spring-that-is-soon-to-come, happy almost baseball season & take a peek!

My favorite bus!  Metro Transit TargetField bus--covered in bright green grass :-)
If you look closely enough you can see my dirty windshield...ignore it! 

Minneapple skyline at dusk...could do without the view of the Target Center though.
Harmon Killebrew tribute and statue.  #3

Look at that grass...lovely!

LOVE the Minnie and Paul of my favorite parts of the park!
Did you know?? The creator of the logo, Ray Barton, was paid $15 to create the design back in 1961.

After today, I have definitely realized that I have nowhere close to enough photos of Target Field! These don't even do a justice to the place, which means I have all the more reason and excuse to take a ton more this summer! Here's hoping the rest of your winter flies by so the summer festivities can begin :-)

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