Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm annoyed with trying to figure out how to create and import a nice little collage into Blogger--a.k.a. how to make everything look pretty on the page. Never mind the fact that my blog is in need of a radical makeover.  Reset...after searching apps and blogs for a bit, I've been experimenting with the app PicFrame on iPhone and Mac--it'll hopefully give me a little bit of leeway in sharing gobs of photos with you, the reader (read: now you won't have to scroll so much through my posts).  This is WAY new to me as I have about zero experience in design, layout, or any of you folks out there with information on tips, tricks, programs, or apps...I'd absolutely love to hear your advice!

Anyhow, without further hesitation, here are the first half of my pics from the February Photo-A-Day Challenge. So far, I've pretty much failed at this task...for me, it should be called the "Photo-Whenever-Lyndsey-Gets-Her-Butt-In-Gear-and-Remembers-to-Take-Photos-Challenge".  Needless to say, some of the photos weren't actually taken on the day they were supposed to be and a few may have already been on my computer and/or found online.  Oops!  It's still been fun though :-)

Route 322 Eastbound to Hershey, PA.  My drive to work in the AM.  There's a really pretty spot at the top of the hill where you can look out and see all sorts of stuff...the picture just doesn't do a justice.

Best words ever.  A few of my favorite things...found on the bottom of a Lululemon tote bag!  There will be plenty of yoga, running, and sushi when we hit up Vancouver in August!

Porcelain glove molds.  Want.Want.Want.  Mike says they're creepy.  Why haven't I ordered them yet?

A blast from the past, but a stranger in the fact that I've never actually met him.  My FAVORITE Twin growing up, TOM BRUNANSKY!!! AJ sent me this fabulous photo for x-mas this year--LOVE IT!

My little man...Tank.  Always so studly.  Can usually be found tucked under a blanket napping at 10 AM.  

A go-to favorite.  I could live on sushi.  EVERYDAY.  Sushi in my belly makes me one happy girl :-)

Probably my most-favorite button of all time.  I <3 the push-button start in my button ever!

Doesn't get much better.  These guys can't wait for summer...they could lie in the sun ALL DAY LONG!

Our new front door.  We're still organizing, decorating, and putting artwork on the walls.  I owe you guys a photo tour of our new home...hopefully coming to the blog soon so keep your eye out!!

Me.  At home on a day off.  Had to get our gorgeous brick wall in the background.  A little blurry.

My love, Mikey...always, always, always makes me HAPPY!  Taking in a WILD game in Philly :-)

The clothes in my closet.  Usually forgotten.  Hardly ever worn.  I pretty much live in royal blue scrubs, long-sleeve tees, and cardigans at work...and sweats or Lulu stretch pants on my days off (cleaning and blogging, yay!).  Still love the hangers I inherited way back when I was working at Victoria's Secret!

Blue.  Such a happy MN.  I saw this print when I first joined Pinterest (pretty sure I re-pinned it from Kels' board) and loved it so much that I bought one.  Now I'm searching for the perfect place to hang it!

Heart.  So, this obviously was supposed to be a photo of a heart (for Valentine's Day, duh!).  But, while I was out on Valentine's Day I drove by Harbour House Crabs on the Carlisle Pike and about lost it when I saw their sign!  Totally had to stop and document their unique marketing.  Give your Valentine Crabs <3

I <3 my iPhone.  So lovely.  If you have one, you know what I mean; if you don't, you should own one.

Stay tuned for the second half of the photos from this month.  Feel free to join in on the fun if you'd like! Here is my original post about the challenge, and as always this month's subjects (and next) can be found over at FatMumSlim...happy hunting! 

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  1. Well that is a fantastic lip sweater if I could say so myself.... and I can wait to see my niece and nephew