Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Somebody Say Fauschnaut?

Fauschnaut.  Fasnact.  Faschnacht. Fosnot. Fosnaught.  Fauschnaut = fatty donut.  Made with potato flour.  No hole in the middle.  Traditionally fried in lard.  Sprinkled with sugar.   Sounds enjoyable and totally healthy.  Up until a couple of weeks ago I'd never heard of a fauschnaut, and as I write this I still haven't seen one...yet.  That might just change as we celebrate our first Fauschnaut Day since moving to Central PA.  It's the way the locals celebrate the Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday tradition.  Generally, I don't have much knowledge or experience with either.  So anyway...happy whatever it is you celebrate day! My goal is to find, photograph, and devour a fauschnaut :-)

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