Friday, February 17, 2012're thinking about running a race

Mike and I have been throwing out the idea of running a half marathon together lately.  We've been loosely thinking about it for a while, but we've really started to get serious about it as the winter pounds have been piling on.  It's time to get back into running and get back into shape!

The last (and only) half-marathons I ran were back in October 2010 when I ran the Mankato Half and the Monster Dash on two subsequent Saturdays...what the crap was I thinking!?!  Mike's always wanted to tackle a race together, so we figured there's no better time but the present (and/or the near future)!

The Mankato crew!  Notice a couple of us are missing #'s.
We totally missed the registration deadline...oops!
Missing from the picture above--my mom and Mike, a.k.a our cheering squad.  They totally cheered us on along the course in Mankato.  Loosely speaking, by "cheering us on" I also mean that they took some time to indulge in a few Bloody Mary's near the finish was I jealous when I heard that!

Last few miles of the Monster Dash in Minneapolis...
couldn't wait for that race to be over!
My dad surprised me and ran the last few miles of the Monster Dash with me...I definitely needed a pick-me-up, cause my body was not happy that morning.  Oh yeah, it looks gorgeously sunny in the photo, but my feet were definitely frozen for the first couple of miles--it was a chilly fall morning in MN...great course around the lakes in Minneapolis though :-)

That brings me to the real reason I wanted to write this post.  We're trying to decide on a race and of course Mike and I couldn't make it simple or easy cause that just wouldn't be fun.  So we're debating making a sort of mini-race-vacation type of thing.  We were throwing out a number of ideas (including the Niagara Falls International Marathon--starts in Buffalo, ends at Niagara Falls in Ontario--way cool!) until we came across the SeaWheeze Lululemon Half Marathon...'nuff said.  August 11, 2012.  From what I can tell, the course looks amazing and I'm pretty sure I don't really need any more convincing than I've already had.

Pretty city.  Big smile :-)
All sorts of running on the water in Vancouver, BC!

I have always, always wanted to take some time to explore Vancouver as I've heard the area and it's surroundings are absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S beyond belief and because, well, I'm pretty much in love with anything CANADA.  Did I mention that I also have an affliction for Lululemon?  Perfect.  Not to mention that if we plan it correctly, we could make the trip a Seattle slash Vancouver trip...why not!?! Seattle is another place I tend to drool over (especially the Pike Place Fish Market, totally want to go there...eeeekkk!).  The planning begins.  Now I just have to determine whether or not I can get the time off work (unfortunately I've already missed the long-term vacation request deadline at work...BOO) and hope that registration will still be open.  Fingers crossed.  


  1. If you have any questions about the city, Timmy lived there for about a year before heading to Europe. Super cool place, and your race sounds really exciting. Well done!

    1. Oooh...that sounds fabulous, we'll definitely be looking for lots of ideas, tips, and inside information if anyone is willing to share!!! Miss you guys :-)