Monday, January 23, 2012


Currently, I'm in my "oh-dear-I-worked-all-weekend-so-I'll-take-Monday-to-be-super-lazy-and-relax-around-the-house-yet-there's-a-billion-things-I-want-to-get-done-but-I'm-still-too-much-of-a-bum" mode.  Yup, you heard right.  It's seriously all too common.  It is kind of a grey day outside, so I suppose that accounts for something.  Plus--my lovely husband has the day off as well, so he's more than happy to oblige when it comes to relaxing.

Saturday marked the second snowstorm of the season for this part of the world (our crazy Halloween blizzard was the last time we saw snow on the ground here, although it didn't end up sticking around for more than a day or two).  Kaia and Tank were thoroughly un-impressed; in fact, I don't think they'd mind if they didn't see any additional frozen precipitation for the rest of their lives.  I think the only clear solution to their problem would be to pack up and move to Maui :-)  As much as people love to hate snow and cold weather, I have to say I've kind of missed it this winter cause after all, it reminds me of home.

Since I'm being so lazy and not so creative, here are a few photos to sum up the weekend...enjoy!

Mike made this fabulous Red Lentil Soup from WholeLiving
on Friday...the house smelled great and the soup was beyond
fantastic (and he said it was super easy)!!

Had to clear a little snow off the car before heading to
work on Saturday morning!

We had a delicious dinner at Jake & Jen's last night...
oh yeah, Tank and Arnold got to spend a little quality time
together, too! How cute are they??

A makeshift tribute that surfaced at the hospital after
word of Joe Paterno's death made media headlines Sunday.
The nittany lion that sits in our rotunda was shrouded in a black shawl, complete with a black tear. 

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