Sunday, January 1, 2012

Strawberries falling from the sky.

It's 2012.  Happy New Year!  Our first New Years Eve in the Eastern timezone.  Last night we totally watched a giant strawberry rappel down the side of a hotel.  You heard me right, it was a giant STRAWBERRY!  I can't say that in all of my years I've heard of anything "dropping" other than the iconic crystal ball in Times Square in NYC. Seriously.  Come to think of it, it's the first time in recent memory that we haven't watched the New Years celebration or ball drop on TV in some fashion or another.  Nope, we watched the Harrisburg Strawberry Drop live and in person instead.

We didn't bring our actual camera, so all we were only able to snap a few quick iPhone pics,
which is why you aren't seeing any strawberry close-ups.

NYE Fireworks!

Much to my amazement, as I searched the internet for a photo of said strawberry to share with you, I came across an article enticing central Pennsylvanian's to "Pick their drop".  That's code for--there's apparently a lot of crazy things that drop in this part of the country on NYE--so find a town or municipality near you and go watch something crazy drop from the side of a building.  Here were your choices to ring in 2012: a strawberry, a mini Indy car (not sure how mini we're talking), a pickle (in Dillsburg, PA of course), and a ten-and-a-half foot wrench (in Mechanicsburg, PA so I guess it's fitting).  I also heard on TV the other day something about a large (not sure how large we're talking) bologna dropping somewhere.  To add to the list, apparently missing from this year's celebrations were a giant shoe, a pair of yellow britches, and a sphoctogon...I can deduce what it may have looked like from deciphering the word, but I'm not really sure, quite exactly, what it is or was.  Pure craziness.  But I have to say it's kind of fun that PA is so into things dropping on New Years, cause I get to tell you all about it :-)

For one last 2012 thought, I decided that I have to share this with you, too.  Only because I'm sure we're all going to hear about the end of the world more than enough this year...(cue the frightened gasps and scared faces) a la the Mayan calendar and it's insightful predictions.  A little 2012 humor for us all...

Here's to wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, wholesome, exciting, enjoyable and meaningful 2012-- spend it making all sorts of crazy memories!  CHEERS!!

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