Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty beer love, Lancaster style.

So we meet again.  Another long, drawn out set of blog the time I finish posting pics and stories about Karen and Pat's visit, it'll be about that time that they'll be out for another visit.  Just kidding, I guess that's a bit dramatic.  But...their visit was last year already.  While in Lancaster, we decided to hit up the LBC (Lancaster Brewing Company) as the photos below show for some mid-day food and brew.  Oh yeah, and in case I forgot to mention, the weekend was Karen's whirlwind introduction to the vast world of craft beer :-)

I'm oddly in love with words, signs, and graffiti things painted on brick buildings...

Mmmmm...beeeeeerrrr!  Mike is all smiles, of course :-)

This is fabulous!

Kind of a fun little bar area...the stainless steel stuff you see in the
background are the same containers you see on the left side of the photo below.

It's a cute little brew-pub (if that's the correct term)...and by little, I mean little.
This pic was taken from one end of the brewery, looking toward the other.
The entire right side of the building (both floors) are the gigantic stainless steel brewing devices you see pictured here
Everything to the left of the photo was the restaurant and bar (on the upper level) and
storage of raw brewing before it becomes yummy in your tummy!

We were ever so lucky to take a brewery tour...i.e. like a quick little 10-minute lowdown from the brewmaster himself...
always fun though! We'd had beer from LBC prior to our visit and it's readily available at any of the beer distributors in our area, but the place was so dang small, it left me wondering how exactly all of the beer is made and bottled there.
Mr. Brewmaster answered my question at the very, very end of his tour when he informed the group that NO bottling is done at the Lancaster facility, rather, all of the commercial brewing and bottling is done at a brewery near Wilkes Barre.

I could make a lot of soup in that pot!

We did.  And then some.
Mike's car and the group in the background, getting ready to head home for the afternoon.

A happy Mike...and a stomach full of beer :-)
Oh yeah, we had some pretty banging lunch there, too!

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