Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Coffee local.

I know I've told you before about the fantastically lovely new coffee roaster in our neighborhood.  Little Amps.  We (and I say that loosely, because I'm pretty sure this includes anyone in the immediate vicinity of Olde Uptown and/or Harrisburg) love with the place.  Or it's possible that Mike and I have turned into [slight] coffee snobs as we've grown up over the years.  What do you expect when you have a mom who's a coffee goddess?  I'm hooked on good coffee.  It's so nice to be able to walk down the street and grab some delicious HOT coffee (or other coffee-like beverage of your choice) and some equally as fabulous, fresh-baked sandwiches, cookies, and all sorts of other goodies hand-baked and packaged with love...yummmm.  Fresh.  Local.  Caffeine.

This past weekend, the Patriot News in Harrisburg did a big lifestyle story on Little Amps, which you can read here.  It just so happens that we were enjoying a few coffees on opening day when the photographer from The Patriot stopped in and felt an impromptu photo-session was in store.  It was 8AM on a Saturday morning, so none of us were appropriately dressed or freshened up to pose for photos, but was fun!  Nothing like some neighborhood kids "acting normal" and pretending there wasn't a photographer in the room.  We follow directions well :-)

Since I've already made this into a longer story than it needs to can probably guess that one of the pictures ended up being used online and in print. That's right, our faces in newsprint.  Mike looks seriously interested in whatever it is that Jake was saying at the time, while Jake looks seriously engaged in staring at his coffee.  Take time to peek through the photos and read the article.  I can assure you that if you and yours take a trip to Harrisburg and spend any amount of time staying with Mike and I, you'll end up sauntering over to Little Amps at least once or twice, I promise.

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