Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A WILD time in Philly's HOCKEY TIME!

So glad Rob was able to take in the game with's always fun to see him while he's out on the East Coast!
I mean, look at that fantastic are we?!?! of these things is not like the other...I'm not really sure how that Flyers fan
was able to sneak into the photo or how he managed to commandeer a ride to the game :-)

Had to try the Crabfries from Chickie's & Pete's...mmmmm!
They were definitely demolished before the puck dropped
(mostly thanks to yours truly) so I had to insert a stock photo of
'em to share with you...they were delish!!!

There he is again!
Jen, I'm pretty sure he must have been holding my beer
while I was snapping photos...I had no control of him once
we went to our seats though!

Referee chit-chat and/or pre-game cheer...1, 2, 3...go refs!

Love the guy in the corner with the "You'll Choke" sign...LOL!

I have to say, I was diggin' Bryzgalov's vintage-styled pads...AWESOME!

A whole suite of Wild dad's in the house...intently watching their boys.

Just in case you feel like breaking out a few disco moves while you're at the game.  

Nothing like a good little squabble...I think the ref just wants a hug!

This guy has a pretty important job...

Thanks for the tickets Kels & Mike...we had a fabulous time!!!

Fun Patrol...who knew!?!?

Catwoman, too!  Woah...
 Seriously though, who put's CATWOMAN on the back of their Flyers jersey??
Some kind of joke that I'm just not getting...

The Flyers Ice Girls...and the exact words of the 40-something woman sitting next to us...
Ice girls, I didn't know they had ice girls!
(a little bit of time passes...)
My favorite part of hockey...the fighting!  My second favorite part of hockey...the ice girls!
I'm putting that on my Facebook status...(as she types away on some sort of Droid-type device) girls!  (snaps a photo and turns to her girlfriend) Don't worry honey, they don't hold a candle to you, though...
She definitely didn't stop talking about the ice girls the rest of the night.  

Look what the Fun Patrol brought us!  Our row won food $$ to a local Philadelphia casino.  Winners!

The sight lines at the Wells Fargo Center were not exactly spectacular
(probably partially because the place is also used for 76ers games--the lower level seating is very shallow)
and the the SEAMS on the boards definitely ended up in the majority of my photos!
Guess I've totally been spoiled all these years watching games at the X!

The one and only Wild goal of the night...yeah boys!
Too many goals by the boys in orange though.  We ended up 4 short :-/

The netting in this place was never-ending...and white!

More white netting...

One of these days I'm going to get a nice, big smile out of McSurdy...

Mike was busy drooling over the bubble hockey machines scattered throughout the arena!

We had a fantastic time at the game, even though it would have been nice to see the Wild put a few more in the back of the net.  It would have been great to see KOIVU out on the ice too, but he was out with an upper body injury (insert sadface here).  As always, I would have enjoyed a little Oh, Canada! too...but I guess I'll have to save that for a trip to Toronto :-)  Kelsey Andreen and Mike Grosse...I think you guys take the cake for exciting and awesometastic birthday presents!! Thanks so much for making it possible for the two of us to see the Wild in the city of brotherly love, we had a blast!!!

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  1. We are great gift givers! You and Mike....Wild night, AJ...trip to Harrisburg (you/Mike and Mom/Dad chipped in too), Dad...favorite, maybe we owe you something cool...