Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little bit of chocolate, a lotta bit crazy!

Uh oh, sugar world...err, I mean CHOCOLATE WORLD!  We've lived in PA for like six months, but this was only our
first trip to the big hoopla that is the crazy, touristy world of Hershey, PA (other than my almost-daily drive to the medical
center...hahaha).  Karen was SO, SO, SO excited to visit!!! 


The theme-park-like ride that takes you through the fake Hershey factory...yup, we did it!

Do not attempt to eat the fake chocolate!

I told you she was excited!!!

Love him :-)

Kisses all around...

OK, so perhaps I made him make crazy faces with all of the candy...
he is a big fan of Reese's though (can you tell, he's groping them)!
What you don't see behind the Mikey is the slew of crazy, sugar-high, little children visiting
 Chocolate World a week and a half before Christmas...enough to make anyone run for the hills!! lightning-speed to the nearby, newly opened Troegs Brewery!

for a few adult beverages...

I heart reflection photos!  Mike just thinks we look like ghosts...

The place is set up so visitors can take a self-guided tour.  Basically, the entire brewery is behind a gigantic wall
of plexiglass...and there are some really neat artistic renderings of their signature beer styles scattered about the place. 

They wish they were behind the plexiglass, swimming through the wall of kegs!  Oh, how they wish!

I have to say, amongst my most favorite amazingly clean and organized everything was!  The equipment and building were beyond clean and shiny...(obvioso, that is because the whole place had only been open for a month or two, but I don't care, cause I <3 clean and organized)!

1 of THESE = 600 of THESE = 84,000 of THESE

OK, we'll take one!

After a short little self-tour, we headed to the scratch-house, tasting room. 

Growlers & Fill station :-)

Fell in love with this neato, blade-like ceiling fan...and it was bright green!

That is Karen, drinking a crafty beer!  Pretty sure Pat was loving the fact that Mike and I like to drink the beeahhh!!!

As always...CHEERS!

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