Saturday, November 26, 2011


Did I mention that Mike and I are again getting excited about some visitors heading our way from L'Etoile du Nord...the Star of the North.  Yep, that's right, Karen and Pat are headed our way in just a little over three weeks--they're coming to check out life in the 'Burg and we're excited to share it with them.  I can hardly believe that at that time, we'll be half-way through December already (and oh so close to Christmas)!  Not only that, but that same weekend marks the end of my official ORIENTATION at the hospital...I can't believe that almost five months has already blown by, eeeekkk! Kelsey and Mike are also planning a trip out for Spring Break 2012--who knew Harrisburg was such a sought after Spring Break destination??  I'm sure we'll party like rockstars.  Either way, they'll get to kill two birds with one stone since Mike's (ahem, her Mike, a.k.a Ronaldo) mom just recently relocated to the Washington D.C. area; alas, it'll be fun family time all around!

As always, anyone else who has a strong hankering to explore all central Pennsylvania has to offer is definitely welcome in our home...just drop us a line and let us know when you want to come, we'd be pleased to have you!  Let the countdown to our visitors begin :-)

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