Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moving on out.

Well gang, we're moving again!  Now don't get too excited, it's nothing crazy-like...but it's going to be a long trip.  I don't even think we can say we're moving a whole block, more like half-a-block.  I know, we're crazy, right?  Well, here's the deal...Mike and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the neighborhood we found out here in PA but the home we're renting just so happens to be very roomy--probably much more roomy than the two of us and 10 lbs. of dogs need!  I mean, really, right now we have just about 2500 square feet...that's like 1250 for each of us (and we thought we'd downsize when we moved out here, LOL)!  We just plain old don't utilize the 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms (yes, three and a half bathrooms!) that we have now.  Not to mention that I've kind of become a freak about conservation and being GREEN, so a smaller space = less to heat in the winter and less to keep cool in the summer.

As you probably know, we have good friends who live a block away (literally the next street over) with homes owned by the same company.  They're smaller (yay!!) and it just so happens that there is a family currently packing up and moving out-of-state in the next month or so (I mean they're like busy packing up NOW) could we resist!?!?!  We took a walk through last weekend--the space will be amazing for us and the size is fantastic!  It still has the same style and features we <3 about our place on Green Street...just a quick review--open floor plan, exposed brick, stainless steel appliances, gas heat and central air, second floor laundry with pedestals (bonus!), original exposed ceiling beams, etc., etc., etc!  SOLD!  (Errr...RENTED)!

We don't really have any definite details as to when this all will happen...just around the first of the year after the current renters move out and the place gets a new coat of paint on the walls.  No joke, we're seriously going to open our fence in the backyard and the fence at the new place and walk on really is that close...good thing we have great friends who are easily persuaded with food (and more importantly, BEER).  Keep your eyes peeled...I'll post photos as soon as I can :-)

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