Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Few Things I've Been Loving Lately...

Danish Modern and Mid Century Modern furniture.  Love the sleek lines and character of the style.
Currently keeping an eye peeled for a low dresser, TV stand/credenza, and possibly a sleek, simple desk.

Lately I've been a fan of consignment shopping...perhaps it's because I don't have a lot of other shopping choices in the near vicinity.  Either way, I love, love, love this consignment shop!  Found some great steals a few weeks ago including two pairs of Banana Republic jeans and a cardigan, down puffer vest, and super-cute knit khaki bomber-jacket-style zip up from J Crew!!!  It's usually a stop on some of my "days off" during the week!  If you have the chance, check it out! 

Cleaning products.  Earth-friendly, people-healthy cleaning products...that smell good.  My arsenal includes
products from Mrs. Meyers, Method, Seventh Generation, and TWIST...but I always love trying new stuff!
(I know, I's way cheaper just to make my own, but I rarely go that far)!

Speaking of things that smell fantastic...this is hands down my favorite candle
of ALL TIME.  It is well worth the $28 dollars it costs and made me very, very happy
when I picked one up on our recent shopping extravaganza in SoHo, NYC.
(Thymes Frasier Fir is a close second...during the holidays and wintertime)

A while ago, Mike and I decided to phase out all of the Ziplock and Gladware disposable tupperware that we'd
accumulated over the years (if you don't know, I tend to be a tupperware queen as I decided years ago to stop using plastic baggies...and instead use tupperware for all of my lunches and storage).  We've been slowly transitioning to glass containers (a few at a time), but are still at a storage deficit, not to mention that most are $6.99+ each--and I store A LOT of leftovers and soups in the freezer!  Enter a savvy friend of mine who suggested canning jars...they're glass, they're cheap, and you can buy extra lids separately if they get nasty later on!  I picked up a couple packages last week at the store and am way beyond happy so far...needless to say I'll be picking up more soon!

I could definitely think of plenty more awesome things that I've been loving lately...but I think you'll just have to wait.  It's getting late on a Sunday night and this girl has to work in the morning.  Too bad the weekend has already passed us by!  Cheers to a great week ahead for everyone :-)

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