Sunday, November 6, 2011

Angrytown, USA

Saturday night...early dinner at Lure Fishbar

You might walk by if you're not looking for the corner of Mercer and Prince Streets in SoHo.
Going down into the cruise ship...below street level.

Sushi bar. Fish bar. Bar bar. 

Lots of starters on the house.  Lots of delicious appetizers.  Plenty of beer.  All sorts of fabulous sushi.  Great dinners.  

After dinner, we decided to take a walk--on a mission to find somewhere Mel could try a Sake-bomb
This is where we ended up...clearly transported to another dimension.  A freaky dimension.  

Don't remember the name of the place, but they were supposed to have cheap beer!
Well...they definitely had a panda-skunk-raccoon-looking thing with glowing red eyes, CREEPY!

I don't know what else to say about this thing...but that it too, is CREEPY and STRANGE! All in the outdoor waiting area.
Don't worry, I made everyone pose with the crazy man-head cut-out...I only felt I had permission to actually share the one of my husband with the rest of the world, sorry Mike!

Cotton candy machine...interesting.

While we waited for a table, we noticed the shop above...well, how could you NOT notice it!?!?!
All punks and skins gets drunk and pogo dance???

I don't know who had the idea, but the girls ended up venturing in to take a look and see what the shop was all about.

The creepy dolls in the front window were only the beginning...

Apparently it was a vintage clothing store...with a dark twist.
We snapped a few photos before being told that photography was NOT allowed,
there were definitely things in there you wouldn't have wanted to see.

Crazy two-headed animated horror movie thing, bagpipes, lots of cowboy boots,
crazy clothing, a life-sized yoda prop, creepy black leather S&M body bag hanging from the ceiling,
shell casings, grenades, and other leather and studded items, life-like medical mannequin,
and on, and on, and on.  The boys soon walked in and informed us that we were leaving--
it seemed that the regulars were sitting out on the front steps attempting to start a revolution
with chants of F@%$ BLOOMBERG!  F@%$ BLOOMBERG!
At that point...we decided that if it wasn't already, the neighborhood should now be known as ANGRYTOWN...

At the subway station...after making it out of Angrytown alive :-)  We just had to have an interesting story to tell!

Jase thinking about pretending to make a phone call in the subway...
then realizing just how dirty that phone probably was!  On second thought...

Back to Times Square, this time with all sorts of flashing lights at night!

Talk about riding in S-T-Y-L-E...LOL!

Aaaahhh, our destination at last!  No sake-bombs here...However, the Scottish one was quite impressed with the scotch selection.  I believe his exact words were, don't ever, under any circumstance, let me go to this place unaccompanied!

Scotch, scotch, scotch...I love scotch...scotch goes down, down into my belly...

Who knew Moby would be joining us?

The group, after we pounded a few back. should have slid over for the picture!!!

We probably should have realized that we dressed quite similar that night...
look at those gigantic beers--couldn't have found a better deal in NYC.
A LITER of beer for $10 (and it was tasty beer at that)!
That about did it for the night, minus a quick stop for some slices of PIZZA
on the way home...we still had one more day of touristing left :)

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