Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adventures in Central Park


Very cool...can I have one in my house?

I think they were definitely ready for a break...resting our legs on the benches in Central Park

The photographer too!

One thing I didn't do--get a hot dog from a street vendor while in NYC...

I did introduce the gang to Applegate Farms Organic hot dogs and chicken sausages, though...FREE SAMPLES :-)

Central Park squirrel

NY Islanders SUV in the park...Mike wanted a picture

Impromptu photo shoot in the park; the boys striking a pose

Mike really enjoyed giving the peace sign that day!

Girls turn...think we were going for Charlies Angels or something!

Mr. McSurdy, what a lovely bag you have!

Yoga.  And martial arts.  Wow, we apparently had derailed at this point!

Mel likes to "plank" for pictures...vertical plank, that is.
Jen and I are just trying to get the pose down!

Wanna play softball with that skyline in the background??

Central Park pigeons

His jokes suck.  No joke. Heard him on the Today Show one time.  Probably not worth a dollar.

The DeBoers.

The Condons.

The McSurdys.  Big City doesn't smile.

Oh wait, I said something crazy funny and made him laugh...
and he of course buried his head so I couldn't capture the smile on camera.
Wish I could remember what I said!

Now this was entertaining...a little impromptu performance in the park.
The dude in the Anthony jersey could have been Flava Flav's twin...or Flava Flav himself, we weren't really sure
To set the scene, just imagine the guy in the Brooklyn shirt pumping out a mad beat on his busted cymbal.

Then comes gigantic dude (a stubby looking Billy Blanks) who enjoys
making his pecs dance about his chest.

Skinny dude with the fedora-ish hat is liking the beat...moving his body to the rhythm

Lots and lots of anticipation...i.e. long, drawn out introduction and prep time before they're ready for their act.
Big dude asks everyone to move in closer--to step up to the line they have drawn on the sidewalk.
Nobody moves.  He asks again.  This time he says, there's nothing to be scared's just black guys dancing!
...just black guys dancin'...and black guys flipping'...and black guys strippin'...and so on.
We didn't stay for the show, the theme song was enough in and of itself.
And so, our journey through a portion of Central Park had come to an end, LOL!

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