Thursday, November 24, 2011



We're busy this morning putting the final touches on our contributions to the first annual SWEATPANTS THANKSGIVING! We're headed to the McSurdy's (in our sweats) to see if eight people can polish off a 20 lb. turkey and all the accompaniments.  OK, so we'll probably have at least some extras  for second Thanksgiving later in the night...after all, there is football on for the majority of the day.  But really, what better idea than having a nice, relaxing, low-key, smorgasbord of a Thanksgiving, in sweatpants (or any other combination of relaxed-fit, stretchy, lycra-containing clothing), with seven of your closest friends, less than a block away from your own home...SCORE!  At least we'll get our exercise on the walk over...(kidding, only kidding).  I should inform you all that the actual concept  turned into Sweatpants Formal Thanksgiving, i.e. sweatpants on the bottom half, formal attire on the top half or vice versa.  However, I've decided in my own right that dropping the "formal" aspect sounds much more inviting and therefore, I'll just be rocking the sweatpants portion :-)

Of course, much love to our family and friends back home...we hope you have a fantastic and relaxing day & we miss you as always; eat lots of yummies for us!  I'll catch you up on all of the Sweatpants Thanksgiving details later on, but first I have to leave you with a little Thanksturkey Day humor...

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