Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Black Friday, Black Friday...

Kohl's officially has my vote for the absolute worst, most annoying, gouge your eyes out obnoxious, Black Friday commercial.  And, yes...if you haven't seen it yet (i.e. if you haven't been mesmerized or brainwashed by it's annoyance already), I'm going to make you watch it just so you can share my pain, LOL!'s on as I'm typing!  For your sake, I sure hope it's only airing in this part of the country, but I'm sure it's a nationwide commercial.  I've been hearing it pretty much on repeat for the majority of the week!  Mike heard it once the other morning and (thought) he liked it...until we heard it 72 more times in the next three hours.  Seriously enough to make me want to vom and never shop at Kohl's again...oh wait, I don't shop there anyway, well, guess I won't be starting (duh!).  I can't wait for Black Friday to be done and gone so I don't have to hear this again!!!

Anyone have fun and interesting plans for Black Friday shopping? If you do, I'm sure you're already out, scoping out the deals & steals and wading through the never-ending mob of people out doing the same.  Good luck!  I'm otta here...gotta work the day away, I'm definitely excited to get some Christmas shopping of my own done, though!  (I may have already started a little online shopping of my own).  Cheers! & Happy long, holiday weekend my friends...enjoy as always!

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