Saturday, November 19, 2011


There's no snow on the ground yet (at least not out here) but hockey season is in full swing and I'm pretty sure I just checked the calendar and Christmas is just a little more than a month away...yay!  It's the one holiday that I actually decorate for, so I'm stoked!  I don't have any decorations out yet, but as I've been looking around the neighborhood and the streets of Harrisburg, I've seen more than a few homes with lights, stockings, and trees already.  I guess the stores have pretty much had their Christmas stuff out since before Halloween...hmmm.  I still like to wait at least till after Thanksgiving, otherwise I'd definitely get way too annoyed with the clutter by the time Christmas actually rolls around.  To each their own, I guess.  Thought I'd take this time to share a few fun ideas and decorations I've seen in magazines and catalogs this season!

<3 this fuzzy little tree from Anthropologie...although I think when I saw it
in the catalog they had multiple sizes.  Must be popular, cause they only had
one size on the website, bummer!  Reminds me of something out of the Rudolph
the Red Nose Reindeer cartoon!

Again, more decor from Anthro--pipecleaner-like trees.  Love the little red stand, too!

What a fun idea for a bathroom or side-table.
Totally in the realm of "easy enough that I'd be able to make at home".

This is too fun! Maybe not the ornaments they chose, but I love the idea of the lighted tree on the wall!

Another alternative tree from cb2...

Chistmas-love I found on Pinterest...oh so cute! I love the little grove of trees.

On another note, Christmas this year is going to be quite lame-tastic...being that it's our first Christmas totally away from home and I'll be working.  Recall the fact that I worked last year on Christmas too.  Mike had to play santa, put on his red hat, and come visit me at work with hot Starbucks and my stocking full of fun stuff (let me tell you, that was probably one of the cutest surprises he could have come up with...I have the best hubby)!  Even worse, this year we'll totally be missing our families and the MN-love back at home.  Did I mention that it doesn't even get cold enough in PA for them to have outdoor skating rinks during the winter?  What the crap are we supposed to do when Mike and I want to play some pond-hockey?  Uggh. Truly, I'm not even sure if the majority of Christmas' here are white with snow...guess we'll find out.  The good news in all of this is that I'm not required to work two Christmases in a row, putting in my time this year, hopefully I'll be able to somewhat arrange my schedule next year so that Mike and I can make it home around the holidays in 2012 (by that time, I'll probably have a little PTO accumulated, too).  Even if it's not directly over Christmas, it'd be able to be sometime in close proximity...that's my master plan, anyway.  It's too bad people have to be in the hospital over the holidays or I'd be able to have normal time off like the rest of the world.  Such is life...I'm not really complaining, just yapping.

Familia--take note, I expect to get some emails or messages with some ideas for what you want for Christmas!! Please!! Send them to me!! If you're not already aware, possibly my very favorite part of Christmas is spending lots of time thinking of fun, unique presents for people...I LOVE shopping for presents (and keeping my purchases a surprise) way, way more than I enjoy getting gifts in return!  What are your family traditions and/or ideas for the holiday season?? I'd love to hear 'em :)  Oh yeah, guess I better get started on Christmas cards soon, too!

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