Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Life: The Black Hole

I've been sucked into a gigantic BLACK HOLE called employment...which means this is the first time in almost two and a half weeks that I've had time and been alert and oriented enough to write a post!  So much to talk about, it's going to take me a couple of posts to catch up! OK, a quick review to sum up July...

July 13, 2011
We had our first Thai food experience at Bangkok 56 in Harrisburg; we'd heard rave reviews from everyone we spoke to and the food definitely didn't disappoint! The ambiance left much to be desired, but let's be with any Thai restaurant, we were there for the food! Chalit's Thai Bistro is also on the list to try...along with a couple of sushi bars :)

Nice and grainy...excited for the increased camera resolution on the iPhone5!
Panang Chicken Curry and Drunken Noodles...yummmmm
July 14, 2011
I've been tormented since late June--even with all of the beer Mike and I picked up on our road-trip out here, there was one very important piece of information we overlooked...Leinenkugels!  While they do stock some Leinies at the beer distributors, they're missing the Honey Weiss! C'mon, really??? Truly, Honey Weiss is not to be found in the state of Pennsylvania.  So, when Mike showed me this photo from a buddy's facebook page, I have to say I was quite jealous!

Ahhhhh...the taps at Leinenkugels in Chippewa Falls, WI :)
We broke down and bought a case of the Leinies "summer sampler" just to get our hands on a little...(and by a little, I mean a whole whopping S-I-X bottles of Honey Weiss).  Nevermind we ended up spending $71 on two cases of beer...nothing about that is normal.

July 15, 2011
Took a walking tour of the city, guided by yours truly...thought it would be fun to explore the Capital and snap some photos.  I however failed to realize that I lugged around my camera but forgot the stinkin' memory card...EPIC FAIL on my part, LOL! Needless to say, any photos of the state capitol grounds will be taken another day.  My consolation of the day, this iPhone photo from Strawberry Square...there are crazily painted cows scattered randomly throughout the city (like the Peanuts characters in St. Paul).   

Why cows?? (I'm not quite sure)
July 16, 2011
After a LATE, LATE, LATE Friday night in Olde Uptown (staying up till 4AM is not normal for me), Mike and I were in need of a caffeine fix before spending the morning cleaning up the neighborhood!  We took a warm walk down to the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, which boasts a cute little coffee shop inside :) This place is definitely on our list to explore further...basically, it's a theatre that has been transformed into a very large bookstore with a huge selection of  > 100,000 used, rare, and out-of-print books to browse!  Just a sneak peek...(mom and dad, you guys would LOVE this place!)

Iced Americano...Hooray!
After beautifying the neighborhood by picking up trash and painting fences, we BBQ-ed and had fun conversation with great new friends! 

July 17, 2011
Road-tripped it to Baltimore to send Mike off to the Great North for a week of family, beer, and walleye fishing; a.k.a. any man's dream! OH CANADA...

Hmmm...I don't have the photos from the guys' trip, but I'll have Mike throw a post in sometime soon.  I'm sure he wants to show off his 25" walleye :)  After dropping him at BWI, I spent the morning (another HOT morning) wandering around the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.

Camden Yards, what a gorgeous place...can't wait to get back to Baltimore and see a game here! Too bad the Twins don't play ANYWHERE on the East Coast the rest of the season :-/

Tourist self-portrait @ the Harbor
It's Jack Sparrow!
Couldn't resist...too cute!
And...back to PA once again
The rest has been a blur...I've spent the last two weeks of my life here at Penn State Hershey/Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA, my new employment home where I've met more great new friends and am suddenly feeling like I'm back in nursing school cause I have a lot  to learn!

I think that's about it for to run some errands and enjoy the rest of my day off! Later :)


  1. Bangkok 56 is our new favorite! Let us know if you want to grab Sunday brunch at Home 231 some weekend soon. -Dave (1924 green)