Sunday, August 21, 2011

Capital City Capitol Excursion

Today was a touristy day.  Before we made our typical Sunday trips to the grocery store and gym, Mike and I decided to venture around the PA State Capitol and snap a few a few, I mean literally snap a few hundred photos of random structures, windows, doors, etc. Anything is game and I'm pretty sure that my finger is addicted to the shutter release (a.k.a. the picture taking button)!  That's the beauty of a 2GB memory card and a fast digital camera...we can take tons of photos only to later sift through them on the computer deleting the many "almost duplicates".  

Backside of the Capitol
Pennsylvania is one of 50 states...why must it refer to itself as a commonwealth??
Not gonna was HOT and I could have gone for a swim in the fountain!
Hard to see from the photos, but there are walls of mirrors surrounding the fountain 
My handsome date
Once we started walking around, we realized just how expansive the Capitol grounds is and really how large the scale of the buildings are.  I don't think Mike's totally feeling it, but I'm definitely the one responsible for the vast majority of the crooked and tilted photos you see on the blog.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm lacking in the artistic talent department (I did get a B in art for my lack of creativity) and so I somehow think that photos will look more interesting if they're off-center or cockeyed...hmmm, jury's still out, but at least it adds somewhat of a different dimension! I guess it's a good thing I didn't have the dream to be an artist or a singer...I'll just stick to keeping people alive and on the mend (not to mention that as I write this, I'm at the same time realizing I should be studying neuro-nursing and not blogging)!

Looking East 

Tourist in the city
You'll have to excuse our lack of fashion skill in these pics...we clearly weren't planning on actually being in the photos.  And let's be serious, it was Sunday and most Sunday's I refuse to get cute just because I can! 

LOVE the bright green roof!
We started to realize that all of the benches and garbage cans said "Pennsylvania Capitol" and etched PA logo
Taking a quick break while Mike snapped some pics
LOVE the buildings on State Street...the bright ORANGE piece of construction equipment really adds to the ambience!
Looking West down State Street from the steps of the Capitol, towards the river 

Mike's find--the puking lion statue fountain :)

Glad we got the photo-ops in when we did because a couple of hours later, when we were finished at the grocery store, it was raining cats and dogs...and rained for most of the remainder of the afternoon! Sadly, the weekend is coming to a quick end, back to the grindstone tomorrow morning...although Mike has Monday off and will be prepping and preparing for scores of upcoming fantasy football drafts.  In the meantime I am busy preparing to be Steelers fan.  For as much as I like football (I maintain a strong neutrality for the sport itself--a.k.a. I'd much rather be watching baseball or hockey) I've decided that the Vikings just really aren't my team.  After all, the one thing that they are seriously consistent in is breaking the hearts of their fans year after year (at one point in the season or another).  Therefore...the Steelers, with Mike Tomlin, Troy Polamalu, and Hines Ward (if I had to pick--these three are probably my favorite in the NFL) are going to become my team away from home.

If you think of anything you'd like to see, hear about, or have questions about, feel free to send me a message and I'll try to incorporate it into the blog!! That's all for now, time to call it a night :)

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  1. Hi! It's Sarah and I'm stalking you from Facebook.
    1. I like the crooked photos. Take that Mike.
    2. You look great!
    3. Another reason to be a Steelers fan? One of my college roommates just became one of their athletic trainers! The Steelers were the only team in the NFL last year with a female athletic trainer...and now they have two!