Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cow Parade

"Music COW Extravaganza"
Overlooks the Susquehanna near City Island
"Strawberry Cow"
(lame name...duh, it looks like a strawberry)--it's home in Strawberry Square Shopping Center
"River Cow"
Lives in a real estate parking lot
"Cattle of Gettysburg"
"Joe-Pa" after the infamous you-know-who

We've seen these little buggers all over town, scattered about; I started snapping pics of them just because they're all so quirky :) I figured they would make a stupid-fun blog post at some point or another, if not just to make you guys wonder.  Well...I finally turned to my trusty sidekick google to determine the story behind the COWS.  Turns out they're all part of the CowParade which is basically a public arts exhibition held in various cities worldwide (over 50 different cities)...who knew? Various artists--local, amateur, professional, and famous--create and design the sculptures which are then displayed around the city before they're auctioned off to proceed charity.  Totally similar to the Peanuts character statues in the Twin Cities years back...but with some crazy looking cows.

Our very own Harrisburg, PA hosted the CowParade back in 2004 when some 136 cows roamed the city.  I've only seen a handful, so there must be quite a few more our there that case, you may end up seeing a few random COW posts here and there!  Looks like Mike and I better do some more exploring over the long Labor Day weekend since I've now stooped so low as to post pictures online of artsy-fartsy cows! 

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