Friday, August 19, 2011

Smells Like Chocolatetown, U.S.A.

The week before I headed back to work I found myself sitting at home, all alone, bored, and sick of cleaning (sounds kinda nice at this point...but I guess the grass is always greener, right?).  So, I decided to make the quick drive out to Hershey, PA and see what all the fuss was about.  Just about everyone you talk to in the area asks about whether or not you've been to Hershey/Hershey Park when they find out you're a newbie.  Have you been to Hershey Park yet? Did you check out Hershey? You haven't been to Hershey Park yet??? Seriously.  In all honesty, Mike and I are not the type to immediately hit up all of the touristy-destinations; we'd much rather check out the little, neighborhood, hole-in-the wall, looks-sketchy-but-the-locals-swear-by-it type of place.  i.e. Hershey, PA and the famed HersheyPark were not at the top of our list (note to the locals: I'm not trying to diss HersheyPark, just saying it's not my thing).  

Somewhat begrudgingly, I headed out to Hershey one afternoon to see what I could find.  Long story short--I looked like a dumb tourist taking pictures, saw the Hershey kiss light-poles, visited the gift shop at the museum, and called it a day.  I probably would have taken the time to wander through the Hershey Gardens (which looked amazing) but didn't want to pay the admission price to take photo after photo of landscaping and flowers (you guys already sifted through my Italian Lake post).  

Had to figure they'd have a Hershey flag!
The Hershey Kisses as street-lights...I admit, these are cute!
I'm a chocolate lover, perhaps there is a Dove, PA?
I meandered my way through lots of construction going on in the heart of the city
Everything says Hershey...kinda fun
I will go back to the Chocolate Lab "build-your-own" candy bar opportunity

Chocolate-workers union
Like the name of the post says, I'd heard from people that the town of Hershey actually smells like chocolate.  Hmmm...I was a little skeptical, but as I was driving around trying to find appropriate parking (windows down in the hot summer air because at this point, the A/C in the Prius hadn't been fixed) I actually caught a few whiffs of that molten-chocolate smell.  The smell of chocolate is in the air in Hershey, PA.  

Fast forward to five weeks later to an evening of pizza and beer with our neighbors.  Last week, Jase & Mel took the afternoon to explore the Hershey tourist thing.  As the conversation progressed we all learned (duh!) what I should have thought about and known all along:  1.) They don't actually manufacture Hershey chocolate in Hershey anymore and 2.) Pretty sure they "pump" the chocolate smell into the air so you conveniently get that whiff of chocolate while you're in town (so you can go rant on your blog about how you live near a place that smells like chocolate). Lame.  No more getting caught up in tourist traps for me.  Enjoy the pics though ;)

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