Friday, July 15, 2011

The Designer I'm NOT!!

I finally gave in this morning and provided Tank with a "long-lasting" chew to keep him occupied for the remainder of the morning.  He's been BEYOND unruly for the past couple of days!!  It's Friday in the Burg, which means that I'm busy enjoying my last day of un-work before it's back to the grind on Monday.  (Update as I write: apparently all Tank needed was the thought of a soon as I gave him his chew, he sat down right next to it and fell asleep...ahhhhh, SILENCE!)  

Did a little retro-home-consignment-touring through the city yesterday; found a fun place called the Red Door Consignment Gallery.  They have lots of interesting stuff from retro to modern to traditional--keeping my eye out for a fun set of chairs to create a conversation area either in our main great room or master bedroom...I'll keep you updated!  I did pick up a couple of countertop office files that are going to serve as a handy little home for our kitchen spices and a fun little geometric canvas/cloth piece that is going to find a home in the powder room.  Here's a sneak peek...

Spice Storage
Stay tuned to see the finished product!
Also thinking about hitting up a place called AtomicWarehouse in town to see what they've got!  Trying to kick up my decorating skills a bit and find some fun and new which Mike usually replies something to the effect of is this you trying to be creative?  No joke, pretty sure that was a word-for-word quote from last night...truth is, he is almost always valid and correct in his observations :)  The source of my new found inspiration is a GREAT blog I happened across called Young House Love...I'm hoping it will turn me into an instant design sensation, LOL!!

Before my excursions yesterday, I finally mustered up enough energy to tackle the 3rd floor bedroom and give the hardwood floor a nice deep clean.  Amidst all of the move-in madness, Mike and I had to quickly choose a bedroom so the movers could unpack everything and reconstruct our furniture.  We debated for a bit, but in an effort to streamline the process, decided upon the large bedroom on the second floor with the attached (largest) master bathroom.

Alas, this is where we've been sleeping for the past few weeks...sans decor :-/  The room is large and complete with bay windows and a small little balcony, is west facing and gets really warm from all of the afternoon sun.  I'm just not diggin' the vibe!  What I really mean is I'm in LOVE with the room on the third floor which feels a bit more lofty, has an asymmetrical vaulted ceiling, exposed beams, refurbished hardwood floor, and has LOTS charm (although it boasts a much smaller bathroom).

Going up...(another stairway)
View from the top of the stairs
Another bay window, nice and spacious room!
Bathroom & closet on the right, stairway area on the left
View from the bathroom...a little bit of exposed brick wall
Maybe I'll find a new bed, have it delivered, and have the room decorated by the time Mike gets back from Canada @ the end of next week...ha, doubtful!  Well, we've got a busy weekend ahead--happy hour downtown this evening, possibly hitting up 3rdInTheBurg afterward (a monthly occurrence in gallery exhibits, refreshments, music, etc.), neighborhood clean-up Saturday morning/afternoon, meeting some of my new RN colleagues Saturday evening, and taking a day-trip to Baltimore Sunday (i.e. dropping Mike off at BWI, then shopping and sightseeing my way home)!!


  1. Love the house Lyndsey! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Thanks Kel! I can't wait to have everything settled in place and decorated!!! You'll definitely see photos :) Hope you guys have a great weekend in Tomah!