Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Conversion to Pennsylvanian-ism

Mike and I spent much of Saturday with new friends--hitting up a bluegrass festival at Dickinson College and then a BBQ with friends.  We capped off Saturday night with our new neighbors sitting at the bistro and chatting it times and a late night :).  I have to give a shout-out to the Olde Uptown crew who have all been more fun, friendly, and welcoming than we could have ever've all made us feel welcomed in our new city!!! 

Don't I look excited to be listening to bluegrass...LOL!
A picture is worth a thousand words...these two pretty much sum up our Sunday :)  We spent a hot and sunny afternoon with friends floating down the Yellow Breeches Creek nearby.  Our chain of tubes and "refreshment raft" became a floating beer distribution center to a couple of swimmers wading in the water and a few kayakers paddling by during our trip.  The afternoon wouldn't have been complete without Mike and I completely getting dumped from our tube and completely SOAKED as the current flipped us (too bad we have no photos to capture the complete surprise on our faces)! Lots of relaxing and lots of laughing!

Ready to float!
That's my husband...inner tube monster??

In other news, I finally converted to Pennsylvanian-ism.  By that, I mean that Mike switched over the license plates on the Prius over the weekend (he knew that I wouldn't take on the task myself).  What a sad, sad occasion...I think she looks much happier in MINNESOTA plates.  However, I am pretty excited to order and sport my 'donate life' license I guess it's OK.

Mechanic Mike

The new hardware
Stay tuned for more updates on the first half of our LAST free week before going back to work (I better make the most of it) and Mike's last week before heading back home for a week-long fishing adventure in Ontario, Canada (jealous)!!  Hope you've all had a great beginning to your week!!

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