Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Whirlwind Recap

Crazy! Two weeks ago, Mike and I hit the road for Harrisburg, PA. After two days on the road and 1084 miles later, we arrived...and have spent much of the time since unpacking and organizing, it's NEVER ENDING!!! Anyway, we're starting to get settled into our new home and thought we'd chronicle our journeys and exploration of Harrisburg City and the surrounding area with you! As I sit here with my morning coffee, watching the TODAY show I've finally uploaded the few photos we've taken. Alas, here's a sneak peek into our time here so far...more to come as I get better with this whole blogging thing :)

We're renting a gorgeous 1900's row-home in a Harrisburg neighborhood known as
Olde Uptown. A number of years ago, WCI Partners began investing in the rehabilitation and revitalization of residential of the results is our home--completely modernized and updated, but with many original features and charm retained.

A few outside shots we snapped on our house-hunting trip in April and a few Mike snapped before the movers began unloading all of our STUFF...

Our House!

Front Porch Close-up
Main-floor Greatroom & Kitchen

Looking Toward the Kitchen

Back Patio
More photos to come, complete with furniture! Just waiting for our curtains to arrive--Mike will be so pleased! To note: I have not killed the tiger lilies you see in the backyard, nor have I added any more greenery or flowers! Ugggh, I so so so need to hire a decorator and a gardener! 

Mike is back to work for his second week in the office after a nice 4th of July holiday (details to come).  I'll catch you up on more of the past weeks' activities shortly; for now, off to complete more cleaning, organizing, and money spending to finish setting up our home (i.e. I'm very ready to get back to work)!!

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