Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Saturday morning we were relaxing in the living room when the power went out.  Nothing better to do, Mike and I decided to take the pups for a quick walk and then use the time to take a walking tour of the city--urban explorer style.  We met Caleb, a neighbor down the street who immediately opened with a Simpson's reference and won Mike's attention right away! Beyond that, just a lot of people out wandering, wondering what was going on and why the power was out...apparently lack of electricity makes people confused!

Anyhow, it was a great walk, we checked out the architecture in the neighborhoods and visited the Jazz & Multicultural Festival that was going on on the riverfront.  We were a little early cause we didn't hear much jazz, just passed about 1/2 a mile of portable food stands (the smell of grease was in the air, although some of the stuff looked pretty good).  On our way back, we checked out the Broad Street Market, Harrisburg's midtown farmers market which is in fact, the oldest continuously operating market in the United States--it's been open since 1860.

Broad Street Market

Neat building near the market

I'm falling in love with all of the unique architecture and paint schemes around the city :)

Kind of a close-up, but really cool with the bright blue!

Short story: walking, more walking, and yet more walking on Saturday.  In total, I think we logged just under 10 miles on the day :)  That night, we hit up the Jazz Festival again to watch UGO, the Urban Guerilla Orchestra perform.  They were high-energy and tons of fun on a gorgeous night! Couldn't find any photos taken at the event, but it was a great time...they rocked all sorts of music, from Bon Jovi to Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga! I highly recommend you see them if they end up anywhere near you!

Sunday was pretty low-key--breakfast @ Wimbledon, relaxing, more-walking, and impromptu BBQ with the neighbors (we were beginning to think we'd never meet everyone, LOL!).  Our weekend culminated with Monday, the 4th of July, and a trip to see Bryce Harper's AA debut at the Harrisburg Senators game and fireworks afterward! More details to come and more photos from that day later...I know Mike is eager to tell you all about his Bryce Harper experience!!

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