Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thoughts of the Day

I had true plans to be productive today.  I really did.  No joke.  The pitter-patter of rain forced me to sleep in.  At least the dogs and I are on the same page; when I finally did get up and go downstairs, I got not even a flinch from both of them...they didn't move an inch, just kept right on sleeping.  Dogs know best :) So here we sit--day 3+ of steady rain (remnants of Tropical Storm Lee who clearly had lots of moisture left over to dump throughout the Susquehanna Valley). Take a quick look at what's been going on in my head lately.  

What I'm loving...
  • Listening to the rain fall from the sky outside my windows.  Although, I'm sure by Saturday (when it has rained all week) I'll either be under water, swimming through my house or way over it.

  • The hint of fall weather in the air...the house stays cool, I get to lounge around in my sweats and leave a fresh batch of granola cooling on the counter.  Couldn't ask for a better day off of work, than spending it with my handsome hubby! 

  • Perusing the vast selection of craft beers at Wegmans in an attempt to try a large variety (ahem...ALL) of the different local, independent, and East Coast microbrews that we don't typically see back in MN.

What I'm Missing...
  • So, I'm not trying to make this all about the beer, but...I am missing myself a little bit of some delicious Spotted Cow and a little Finnegans and an endless supply of Leinies, or as Mike's friend Justin calls it--"Kuges"--Love it!
    I really think they should consider expanding their service distribution area
    OUTSIDE of Wisconsin, perhaps Central PA?

  • Kind of goes without saying, but we definitely miss all of our family and friends back's so weird that we're not just down the road or across town anymore.  
    AJ, your graduation is next!

  • My work "family" at LifeSource...I miss the people, I miss the job, connecting with families, and most of all, I miss the purpose behind the work that's done.  I'm enjoying bedside nursing, but miss truly loving the work I do and being connected to the purpose. Still waiting on my DonateLife license plates to represent!

  • Hailing from the Land of 10,000 Target stores (and living a mere ~2 blocks from a Super Target back in MN), I have to say that I am severely missing the SUPER TARGET concept out here.  Sure there's Target, but it's just that--TARGET.  Let's just say it was a big deal that the local Target stores now carry **limited** grocery items.  Although, I did find a new line of biodegradable dog poop bags that I'd never seen before.  Important-YES, exciting-NO.
Mechanicsburg Target, not super...

  • Having a Lululemon store within short driving distance from my home.  No more quick trips to check out their new and ever changing spandex inventory.  Although, I know that's its saved us a crap-load of moolah, since lots of those "browsing" trips turn into spending trips.  The store closest to us is about an hour and fifteen minutes away--only on special occasions :)
Lululemon at King of Prussia...near Philly

 I'm so glad we...
  • Caved and bought Not sure what we would have done if we hadn't been able to watch the TWINS all summer! Their record and performance lately is another story...doesn't matter, I'm still a true fan :)

I'm getting excited for...
  • The delivery of our new bed :) **Hopefully before the arrival of our company in two weeks!!** If anyone wants to provide me with a blank check to use at Room & Board, I'd be most excited!  Had a conversation with Mike the other day about the delusional thoughts in my head--thinking our home should, could, or would look like it jumped straight off the pages of a Room & Board, Crate & Barrel, or West Elm catalog, LOL.  Remember, I have no design skill whatsoever...still LOVING the bed.  Next: tackling mattress shopping so we actually have something to lay on.  Still need a desk, rugs, and curtains, Oh my!

Ooohh...a nice crisp, clean, contemporary/modern, restful night sleep in our future

  • The start of HOCKEY SEASON!  I think I need to start doing a little research to determine if there's an NHL variant of I can order...a girl from Minnesota can't get through the winter without hockey! How can you not be excited about that view of the ice (not Brent Burns backside, just the view of the ice in general)!  
From our "seats on the glass" upgrade a couple seasons ago!

  • The all-anticipated, sure-to-be-impending, always-keep-us-guessing announcement of the new iPhone 5 release from Apple.  Mike and I resisted the urge to upgrade to the iPhone 4 when it was released, citing that we would wait for the iPhone 5 instead :)  I've got no exciting photo for this one...just waiting patiently!'s still raining.  I guess that means I better head downstairs to the basement just to make sure there aren't any surprises down there!  We're not used to having a basement so I don't usually think about it, but I've had friends and co-workers talk about their flooded basements in the area, so I better  take a quick peek.  You never know, by weeks' end we may need to start building an ark! 

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