Friday, September 30, 2011

For Kelsey...Securing the City

What could a trip to D.C. be like without seeing a variety of law enforcement, secret service, and security personnel.  I just so happen to have a sister who drools over this kind of stuff...she grew up telling people she was going to sleep outside of the Army recruiting office the night before she turned 18, wished her life was like that of Jennifer Garner played out on the TV show Alias, and pretty much anything else of the sort.  I suppose I shouldn't divulge all of her secrets, but she'd probably let you know about them sooner or later.  I'm a little disappointed that I didn't see a sniper set up on the roof of the White House, cause that would have made for the most awesome of photos!  Although my mom and dad apparently saw one on the roof of the Capitol (one of the only buildings that Mike and I didn't stop to see).  So here goes...

Motorcycle cop.  Cool blue helmet. 
Sort-of a segway cop? Not really sure.  Bike helmet...this obviously doesn't go as fast as the motorcycle in the previous photo :-)
Secret Service! Not the "secret service in suits with earpieces" type.  
They probably don't want me to tell you this, but they were on duty for the Nikelodeon Kids "Day of Play", don't even get me started...
I'm just guessing that this wasn't their preferred assignment!  Wonder what they did to piss off the boss, lol!
Mounted police.
Again at the Nikelodeon thing...merely walking near the area made the hair on my neck stand on end, too many children in one spot!  I think these cops were in amazement, too.
Motorcycle-cop bike.  OOOHH...a nice shiny Harley Davidson, another favorite of Kelsey's!
We didn't dare take it for a spin... 
Near the White House; we just happened to get there when a car passed through the checkpoint
K-9 unit checking things out...
Did I mention I'd like to own a K-9 or war dog?  I don't really like big dogs, but an explosive and drug sniffing dog or one with titanium teeth would be great!   
Off to check something out...we kept hearing sirens and hoped to see a motorcade of some sort, no luck though, lame.
Humvee.  Another thing Kelsey drools over :)

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  1. What a wonderful post. But I can't really see how attractive any of them are...guess I'll have to come visit.