Monday, September 26, 2011

Minnesota Comes to Town

WHERE TO START.  We had a crazy-fun weekend with Mike, Deb, Mick, and Lori.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  Definitely a weekend that will require a few posts...or you'll be reading for days :) Recap of events...(more details on most of the weekend to come later)

Wednesday 9/21, 1730 CDT--The crew departs suburban Minneapolis for the 1,082 mile trip

Destination: Harrisburg

Thursday 9/22, 1245 EDT--The same crew arrives in HBG hours sooner than Mike and I would have expected!  We're still not sure if they actually drove the whole way or if they flew into Pittsburgh and rented an exact replica of Mick's Chevy Avalanche for the rest of the drive here.  Seriously.  It was a wicked fast trip and I don't think they even stopped for a pee break.  We were SO SO SO excited to see them walk through the door!

Or...perhaps they rented one of these
After a little food, a little beer, and a shower, we were ready for a brief walking tour of Olde Uptown, more conversation, and relaxing with friends and family!

Checking out the sights and sounds of the neighborhood 
Architectural photo-ops...practicing our photography skills
Putting the front porch to good use

Friday 9/23--ACLS (i.e. my morning @ work).  Hershey.  Consignment shopping.  Gettysburg.  Lots of rain.

Saturday 9/24--Washington, D.C.  Lots of walking.  Bottom of the Bay Seafood.  Lots of tired travelers.

Sunday 9/25--Coffee & waffle breakfast.  Vikings choke vs. Lions.  Mini projects around the house.

We wished our weary travelers a safe trip when they headed home on Sunday afternoon...we didn't want them to go, but I guess that's part of adult life :-/  If only we could all get by without working, we could all travel all the time!

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