Monday, December 19, 2011

The Random, The Bizarre, and The Hilarious

Apparently I've acquired a weird knack for finding crazy, random signage scattered around town.  I guess it probably comes from my skills of observation and attention to details.  Here are a few wacky things I've seen of late...don't get me wrong NONE of these are as funny as the "dolphins rape people" sticker we saw in NYC, but they're still good for a laugh!  Consider this your disclaimer...there may or may not be a few inappropriate words and phrases contained in the following pictures :)  Happy Monday...hope you all have a fantastic week (and one last week to countdown to Christmas)!!

Found on a garbage can on Second Street in Harrisburg.
I have to agree...smoking trout sounds a bit more delicious than smoking crack.
Probably a bit more legal and less hazardous to your health as well.  Either way, well said.

For those of you who don't live in central Pennsylvania...they like to use the word "varietals"
in substitution for the word "varieties".  After further research, the word does have it's place in
the world of wine, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't excuse the 264 other ways central
Pennsylvanians put it to use :)

This one courtesy of my fabulously handsome husband.  Found none other than under the
windshield wiper of his car one afternoon after work.  Svend really should have been more
observant and realized that he put the note on the wrong car...unless there are things about
Mike's drive to work that I'm completely unaware of!!

I have to say, this one's pretty awesome.  A little vulgar and Mike probably wouldn't let me put one on my car,
but I assume there is definitely a time and a place where this sticker would be completely appropriate and would come in quite handy!

For those of you who don't follow my Pinterest boards, these are a few other randoms I've found in my endless wandering on Pinterest.  I take no credit for these, other than the fact I've re-pinned them from others, but they're fabulous and I thought I had better share them with you :)

I have to believe there is some sort of a translation error here.  Love it :)

I love smart-ass packaging.

How can you NOT love this!! I mean, seriously.  

Random street art is probably one of my favorite things.  I need to live in an area
somewhere where I can see things like this on a regular basis, cause this is fantastic.
Oh, and murals on old buildings too.  

Just for good measure, this little guy is adorable...and I'm pretty sure he loves that stick!

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