Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Adventures of the Furkids

Some updated photos of the fur kids, since some of you have been asking...
Tank totally excited for the hockey season or he just found  a very comfortable spot on the bed to take a nap.
FYI, we were apparently in the midst of putting away clean laundry
cause our 2nd bedroom definitely doesn't look like that on a regular basis!

Kelsey sent a care package for Halloween!  Kaia's not so sure about the whole costume thing.  

Maybe she just really wanted to be a frog instead of a chicken.
I'm pretty sure the majority of our dog clothes/costumes come compliments of Kels!
Now, if only I could find some costumes for her kitties...

Ah yes, Tank the chicken.  I don't think he's fooling anyone. 

Basking in the's what chihuahuas do best :)

Waiting patiently on a recent trip to the vet. 

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  1. I just hope you don't call children (that you may or may not choose to have) skin kids...and yes, we'll see what Auntie Kelsey brings those little nuggets for Christmas.