Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lords and Ladies

Not that really any of you care, but I thought I'd share my excitement with you anyway...this afternoon, I'm FINALLY heading out to get my hair done.  This girl is in dire need of a nice cut and color, cause let me tell you, right now my hair is downright nasty...I can hardly handle it! Eeeekkkkk!  Driving down Second Street in downtown Harrisburg on my way home from work each day, I one day noticed a cute little place--the exterior paint and awning drew my attention right away--just so happens it turns out to be a salon.  Viola!  Why not give it a try, right?!?!  Here's a sneak peak...

Lords and Ladies Salon, Harrisburg. I mean, really!?!?!
 I'm so in love with the silver, feathery, art piece above the door...
coupled with black paint.   Love the color palette...fantastic!

OK, so as I write this today, I've already been to the salon, I'm trying a different stylist.  And, since I have absolutely no freaking idea what to do with my hair (and absolutely no artistic eye or ability to visualize what might look good or not so good), I've decided to defer to someone who knows best...and hand over the artistic control to the stylist in hopes that he'll make my hair look fabulous!  I know, right...can you believe I'm uttering those words out of my mouth?  What's gotten into me?  I know the ICU; a good stylist knows hair...I don't expect anyone to come into the hospital and tell me how to care for someone with an EVD on a ventilator (although you better believe that it does happen sometimes), so I'm not gonna pretend I know what's best for my looks ;-)  Keep your fingers crossed...let's hope I walk outta there with a bangin' new hair style!!  Happy Thursday, friends!!

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